We help energy- and fund management companies achieve and deliver.

Well Cost Estimate

Our own custom made software developed for providing precise and detailed overview of the time and budget for each well. The budgetary time and cost estimates can be completed for:

Basic budgets for early design concept or feasibility studies.

Detailed design stage

Execution stage

Exploration and development wells

Well testing

Risk Management

Extensive experience with the planning, development & implementation of safety and risk related management systems. We provide:

Risk assessments

Hazard Identification and Evaluation (HAZID, HAZOP, ALARP)

Blow out contingency plans

Oil Spill Contingency plans

Crisis / Emergency Management

Rig Inspections

Petrophysical Evaluation

Determination of net and pay reservoir rock together with key properties of same using deterministic methodologies integrating machine learning technology wherever possible.

Project Management

Our intention in every project is to maximize the value delivered to the client by consistently providing quality solutions and personnel and exploiting experience from other projects in the energy industry.

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